Windows 7

UPDATE: VM with Console Interaction Issues- RESOLVED.

Hey All, 

In my last post, I presented an “Unsolved Mystery” where a VM lost keyboard and mouse control at the console and via PCoIP. The client spent time over the weekend and resolved some registry conflicts in his virtual machine. The issue always seemed to be a driver conflict, but I couldn’t resolve it in the time I had budgeted for resolving upgrade-related issues on this project…. I’m glad it ended up resolved! I can’t claim victory on this issue, but I can present his results:

From the client:


Not exactly sure, but I think I know how.  I uninstalled VMTools.  Left the agent installed.  Under the keyboard and mouse class in the registry, there were folders; 0000, 0001, and 0002.  I deleted all of these, including 0000.  I also added back the UpperLimits key and used the default values, not the VMTools values.  I restarted the VM and the keyboard and mouse worked.  The mouse was a little quirky, but at least they worked.  I shut down the VM and made a snapshot, just in case.  I brought it back up and installed VMTools and restarted.  It works great now.  Mouse is working properly.  I have restarted a couple of times and even connected thought View and it all works great.  So, I am assuming the 0000, 0001 and 0002 folders were holding some old driver info or something.  Not really sure, but that is what I did and it works great now.” 

So there you have it. Hopefully nobody runs into this again but if you do, clear out any and all entries in the keyboard and mouse class in the registry and restart. In my own troubleshooting I left the 0000 folder thinking it was a default,  but that didn’t resolve it. 

Go Mr Customer!