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Microsoft 70-412 PASSED, Officially MCSA Server 2012 certified.

Hello World!

I officially joined the ranks of those who attained MCSA certification in Windows Server 2012 this afternoon! This was also the first time I took an Online Proctored exam, so I’ll talk about that as well.

Online Proctored?

Yep. I took this exam from my own laptop, and not in a Pearson Vue exam center. When I signed up for the exam, I saw that some Microsoft exams through Pearson Vue are giving this as an option and I thought- why not? My transcript shows that I completed the 70-412-OP exam but there’s no other distinction.

I took the exam over my lunch break. Once I signed into the exam site, downloaded the Pearson application and did a webcam/microphone check, a representative called me to walk me through the rules. On camera, I had to:

  • Show my desk
  • Do a 360* view around the room
  • Show any objects on the work surface, including labelling
  • Unbutton and roll up my sleeves, and show my arms to the camera

Once I completed these steps, I was free to begin the exam. The exam itself was just like any other exam I’ve taken, so I don’t think the content changed because I was taking the test from home.

The Test itself

I agreed to a test Non-Disclosure Agreement (Of course) so there’s not much I can really say about the course content or individual questions. 41 questions, point and shoot, drop-down and multiple choice. A lot of the content was on things I’ve already posted to this blog, and quite a heavy reresentation of Active Directory which hasn’t made it to the site. Know Active Directory inside and out.

Now What?

I’m not going to finish the 70-412 post series in the immediate future. I need to focus on things that translate directly with my day job… so the next series will be related to AppSense’s professional certification. Following that, more end user virtualization/computing content to follow.

I imagine that I’ll get back to to 70-412, or even spin off another site just for certification stuff to focus this site on the technology instead of training… but that’s for another day.

Tonight is for celebrating!