Horizon View 6.2.2 Gotchas

Hey guys!

A customer and I upgraded their 1500+ seat production VDI+RDSH deployment from VMware Horizon View 6.0 to the latest 6.2.2 this week, and encountered a few issues that are not particularly talked about. This will be more of a brief than my typical post due to time constraints, but I will likely go back to add color as soon as possible.

  1. The first revelation isn’t directed toward VMware at all – This was a facility that utilizes Dragon for dictation, and their support for the PowerMic II’s is dismal. When we upgraded the Horizon View Agent on a user linked-clone pool that was configured for Dragon, the microphone was no longer detected. After a long weekend with no response, my customer was told the issue is likely bandwidth related. That’s a heck of a leap given the circumstances and troubleshooting we recanted to them, especially with no investigation on their part.
  2. For the VMware side of the house – Holy moley was this a hard upgrade for some reason. We walked through all of the pre-reqs (Including new firewall ports) for the new version of Horizon View but felt the smite of the installer itself instead – Even when if reported a clean installation, there were issues with a partial upgrade with most components:
    1. View Composer was partially upgraded even though it claimed success.
    2. View Connection Servers claimed success but still said 6.0 in the Administrator Console. VMware told us that this is a graphical bug they’re trying to squash.
    3. View Security servers would not pair, likely due to corrupted installs with mixed data.
    4. IPSec connectivity between security and connection servers was suspect in this customer environment, even with no network firewall between them and the appropriate rules configured in the Windows Firewall. This led to an early morning call due to loss of external connectivity.
    5. In order to use VMware Blast for RDSH applications, a second installer is required. We’re waiting until all agents are updated before deploying as per VMware’s recommendation.
    6. External access through the PCoIP Secure Gateway wouldn’t work until both the View Agent and the users Horizon Client were updated to the latest version. This was unexpected and not documented in the VMware Compatibility Matrix. You can imagine the scramble to resolve that one.
    7. Teradici Tera1-based zero clients will be no longer VMware certified (or supported by Teradici) at the end of April 2016. As it is, they can not have the latest 4.8 firmware applied to them, requiring …..
    8. Enable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 if you’re hardware or software is unable to communicate securely. Or decide to remediate the actual issue (Deprecated hardware/software) instead of compromising security. This will be required end-to-end.

That’s it for now – As I said, I plan to come back and color these in as time permits.

Be careful out there!