Month: March 2015

Resolve VMware View desktops in “Already Used” state


This blog post should be a refresher, but I had to change this setting recently and thought I’d throw it out there on the blog as well.

In this situation, the client is running Horizon View 6 and predominately uses floating linked clone desktops that are set to refresh once a user logs out. For an unknown reason, this client does not prevent users from performing power operations on the View desktop that they’re connected to. This resulted in a few desktops in an “Already Used” state throughout the day as users presumably shutdown or restart their virtual desktops instead of logging off.

IT has been resolving this by manually refreshing desktops in this state. However, there’s an automated way to correct this problem if its happening to you!Enter PAED-DirtyVMPolicy. This per-pool setting (View 5.1.1 and newer) allows control over how “Already Used” desktops are treated.

There are three policy settings:

pae-DirtyVMPolicy=0. Mark virtual machines that were not cleanly logged off as ‘Already used’ and block user access to them. This is the default behavior in View 4.6 and later releases.

pae-DirtyVMPolicy=1. Allow virtual machines that were not cleanly logged off to become available without being refreshed. View Client users can access these desktops.

pae-DirtyVMPolicy=2. Automatically refresh virtual machines that were not cleanly logged off. View Client users can access these desktops after the refresh operation is completed.


To apply these a policy, RDP to a connection server and fire up ADSI Edit:

1) Connect to dc=vdi,dc=vmware,dc=int on localhost:

2) Expand the Server Groups OU:

3) Choose a pool experiencing the issue:

4) Right-click and select Properties on that pool:

5) Scroll down until you find pae-DirtyVmPolicy. Set this to a 1 or 2 to resolve.

6) Repeat for all affected pools.

NOTE: It would be a good idea to prevent users from performing power options on View Desktops via Group Policy and let the View Manager handle it. That group policy would change settings here: User Config>Admin Template>Start Menu and Taskbar>Remove and prevent access to the Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate