From the Field: Resolve ‘corrupted’ or stuck View Composer agent

Hey all, 

Yesterday I got to play with something I haven’t seen before. I hope it’s rare and that it’s never seen again, but I wrote down my resolution steps just in case. Note that there is not much (if anything) on the internet for this problem.

I tried many combinations, most of them with less chance of destruction. This is the method that worked. 

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Issue: When trying to upgrade the View Agent on a VDI master desktop, the below symptoms are observed. 


The Composer agent is still running, and the service is still started (Even after successful uninstallation):


Resolution Steps:

  1. Clone VM to have a backup
  2. Start machine
  3. Uninstall VMware (Horizon) View Agent 
  4. Reboot
  5. Attempt to install new View Agent
  6. Get messages depicted in the Symptoms section
  7. Verify that the agent was successfully removed:
    1. 5
    2. But that the Composer Agent is still running anyway:
  8. Disable the composer service and reboot
  9. Open an administrative command prompt
  10. Manually remove composer service
    1. Type sc delete vmware-viewcomposer-ga

  11. Remove dependencies to View Composer Agent from core windows components.

    1. Open Regedit

    2. Navigate to HKLM>System>CurrentControlSet>Services

    3. Start searching for the DependsOn string for the services listed below. Clear this key:

      1. BFE

      2. Netlogon

      3. TCP/IP

  12. Exit the registry editor and reboot machine.

  13. Install the View agent as if none of this ever happened: