Appsense APP-101

Hey all!

I’m going to begin walking through the AppSense Certified Professional (APP-101) exam. This is a Pearson-Vue proctored exam and I don’t see much on the internet for a walkthrough or the test experience.I’m an End User Computing professional by trade, and I want to dig deeper into the stuff AppSense has come out with to resolve user environment issues.

This test covers their DesktopNow application suite.

Here is their official blueprint – as the days go on, this table will be hyperlinked with information:

Topic area

Required skill


Understanding AppSense functionality


Installing AppSense Suite components


Configure components

IIS configuration
SQL account requirements
How to connect to the management server Create deployment groups
Install the CCA on managed computers


AppSense Management Center

Install packages
Administer package delivery
Install and configure failover servers


AppSense Environment Manager

Show understanding of personalization profile roll-back and archive
Use self-healing functionality to ensure critical files, service, and registry keys remain unchanged

Implement application lockdown to remove unwanted functionality such as menu items and other components from the user interface


AppSense Application Manager

ANAC functionality
Trusted Ownership requirements
Using digital signatures to secure access
Creating custom rules
Automatically block unauthorized applications without the need for administrative intensive listing techniques.
Configure application access based on user, group, and client rules
Track and audit user activity, including automatic archiving of unauthorized applications


AppSense Performance Manager

Default configuration
Ensure quality of service is maintained by applying CPU and memory control to preserve system resources
Ensure that server freezes are eliminated by tuning system resources
Implement a memory optimization schedule to reduce rebasing and excessive RAM usage Understand application and system state control to provide granular control of system resources


Monitor events and alerts

Set up alert rules
Monitoring events and interpreting error codes