MICROSOFT 70-412: OBJECTIVE 2.2 – Dynamic Access Controls

Dynamic Access Control is the story of file access rules (called..access rules believe it or not) based on user and device criteria (Called claims).

These rules function as logical if-then statements built on the attributes of files, users, and devices. An example:
IF a user is an employee in the finance department AND has an office at the main campus AND is connecting from a device that is located on the main campus, then s/he can access the Payroll directory”

In order to lock down access with DAC in the above scenario, the administrator will need to set up claims for each of the objects, and a corresponding access rule on the Payroll folder.

1) Configure user and device claim types
2) Implement policy changes and staging
3) Perform access-denied remediation
4) Configure file classification
5) Create and configure Central Access rules and policies
6) Create and configure resource properties and lists


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