Month: July 2014

From the Field: Be mindful of poorly configured VMs in a new environment

Hey everyone!

I just completed a multi-cluster upgrade to 5.5 U1b for a client, and found that one of the Virtual Center machines was running extraordinarily slow. A quick investigation showed the machine running at full capacity (sustained 100% memory(14G), 90-100% CPU(4vCPU)). This machine also required VMware Support’s help to manually recreate registry keys to remove vCenter 5.1, but that’ll be a topic for another blog post.

After some digging around and multiple sets of eyes, it was discovered that another internal Server administration group built all of the VMs for this clients Horizon View environment- They gave them the appropriate amount of memory, but set 4000MB limits on all of the machines…. and the site’s been running like this for 12-18 months.

The VDI guys just thought it was supposed to be that slow.


For anyone who works as a consultant in an unfamiliar client site, it’s important to check the basics when looking at a probable misconfigured VM environment:

– CPU Limits
– CPU Reservations
– Misconfigured resource pool trouble
– Excessive snapshot chains
– Host resource constraints
– AntiVirus issues
– Storage backend issues
– Host CPU Power Management
– VM free space and other guest OS issues

What are some things you would check for in a strange environment?