Introduction, and blog vision

Hello web travelers!
Welcome to my new professional blog- I intend to write a new post daily and cover topics as diverse as day-today system administration, professional certification guides, engineering notes, to industry forecasts and the general ramblings of an enterprise engineer involved in exciting technology.I’m currently the most senior infrastructure engineer in charge of 4 datacenters housing many physical and VMware virtual machines, as well as many of the platforms that run on them. I am the subject matter expert on Windows Server, Linux, ESXi, VMware Horizon View, Block and File system storage, and am the last line of defense for most escalations outside of this definition for a division of a large corporation. I interface pretty regularly with engineering departments at some well known technology companies and I hope to bring you some inside knowledge for working their products… provided it isn’t covered by an NDA.

I also intend to earn two industry certifications per year, so I hope to publish full study guides based on the exam blueprints from companies like Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat and Cisco. I’m currently pursuing the MCSE on Windows Server 2012 certification and I expect there to be posts related to that.

That’s the introduction – I hope you found this blog in good health, and have a happy and productive 2014!