Month: January 2014

Easy pitch: Expanding Equallogic SAN volume

Need a topic for tonight, and I wanted it to be one technical in nature. It’s Sunday and I’m doing a bit of off-production work… as any good hardworking Enterprise Engineer would be,

Tonight’s work is focused around a touch of Database work, and updating the firmware running on an Equallogic storage group of 4 SANs.

I’ll save the firmware update for tomorrow and include pictures of the process. I’ll probably edit this post in the near future to include screenshots as well.

As part of my database work, I needed to have a full backup of our Microsoft CRM database, but the database has grown to 815GB. The volume that I use for backups is stored on a SATA SAN storage group spinning at 7200 RPM and currently sized at 1.5TB. I always have the most recent backup on disk, and that backup is replicated to another Equallogic storage group in a DR site.

815G + 815G > 1.5TB. I have a math problem.

I resolved this by going to the Equallogic Group Manager IP, finding the volume in question (CRMBackUp in this case) and click “Modify Settings”.

From there, the ease of the Equallogic UI really shines compared to a lot of the other offerings in this space- Click the “Space” tab and increase the volume size to 2TB (I had a couple smaller databases to back up for this operation, and these DBs will continue to grow)

When your satisfied with the new size of the volume, click “OK” at the bottom of the dialog. It will prompt you to take a snapshot prior to making volume changes- this is generally a safe idea, but one that I’ve never needed to rely on.

Now that the volume has grown on the SAN side, you need to go to the server that has the storage presented to it. Open up Server Manager (Windows Server 2008 R2- follow similar rescan methodologies for your operating system of choice). Open up the Storage section, right-click the “Disk Management” option, and select “Rescan Disks”. After a brief pause, your new free sapce should appear at the end of your presented volume. Right-click this volume and extend the partition to include the free space.

With that part resolved, I ran the backup in SMS and the real work can begin.


Early Hiatus/ Employment Distinction

Hey readers!

It’s been a busy 2014 for me already, and I hope yours is also off to a great start!

I was honored with a highly coveted employment distinction this week to really start the new year right: my company has an MVP contest to recognize the individuals most responsible for our success as an organization, and all MVP winners are in the running for two MVP of the Year awards which include the much larger recognition and an all-expenses paid trip to Puerto Rico to party with senior management.

I won the quarterly distinction in Q2 for my efforts on a myriad of projects and business initiatives, and was selected to win the much larger MVP of 2013.

In addition to the normal holiday festivities that linger at our house (My in-laws will be leaving this weekend and my professional life should get back to its normal routine) today is my Birthday.

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year!